LET’s TALK!! Insecurity, Overpopulation or Buhari – What Is Nigeria Greatest Problem Now ?

Hi Guys,

Sincerely looking at everything happening in the country today especially this year, I must confess this year shouldn’t be added to our age/lives but what can we do?

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has made this year a mess, our government then added their own to the existing problem on-ground.

Despite expressing our feelings through social media and peaceful protests, yet they still act as if they’re not in this country with us. Like seriously, I’m so confused🤷‍♂️

Comparatively, do you always read/hear what our minister of information Lai Mohammed usually say on social media and all? Well, let’s just leave that one alone for now.

The truth is, Nigeria is in serious problem now and Overpopulation, insecurity and our President Buhari seem to be major.

Over-Population Problem

Unemployment rate has increased massively and if you look at the population statistics closely, Nigeria is too much populated.

Infact, people gave birth a lot this year especially during the pandemic when everyone was home.

You might want to say, Shebi China is populated too? But you can’t compare the quality of China’s population with Nigeria’s population.

China invested in their people in terms of education and skills but here in Nigeria, the Government can’t resolve the ordinary ASUU issue.

Empowerment schemes set up by the government are always lopsided all because the schemes can’t reach everyone.

Insecurity Problem

Dead Bodies Of Farm Workers Killed In Cruel Attack In Borno

Recently, over 300 students were kidnaped in Katsina in a community where our president is just 3hours away from, that was so shocking.

The unknown gunmen had so much confidence to carry out such an operation in that same community where our President was at that time.

This irksome act made me wonder “What’s actually the value of the lives of an average Nigerian?

Boko Haram terrorists are carrying out dreadful acts as if we no longer have military personnel, Fulani herdsmen too are killing at will.

I personally gave up on the security issue in Nigeria when the Military men were ordered to disperse peaceful protesters in Lekki Tollgate with Live bullets.

Buhari As Nigeria’s Problem

Yes!! Buhari is one of the major problems Nigeria is facing right now.

It’s now crystal clear that all the years Buhari failed at getting elected as Nigeria’s president, God is just postponing suffering for Nigerians.

Obviously, Buhari just wanted to be a ceremonial President who will only make himself available for traveling around the world to show as Nigeria’s president but when it’s time to show up when there is a problem, you won’t see him.

Imagine Buhari sending delegates from Abuja to Katsina school boys’ kidnap incident in Kankara when he was actually in Katsina when the unfortunate incident happened.

Which serious President will visit cows when about 300 young children were kidnapped under his nose.

Buhari has never for once show to Nigerians that he has practical solutions to some major problems as President.

All he wants is to do is give orders and never get bothered whether things are done well.

So, let me throw this question to you all 👇

Insecurity, Overpopulation, Buhari – What’s Nigeria’s Greatest Problem Right Now?

Your opinion matters to us on this issue.

Please, let’s hear from you in the comment section

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