Advice Needed On My Late Dad’s 1st Remembrance

Good afternoon readers, this is not the right platform, but I need more opinions about this.

December 27th will complete one year in which my dad was buried, and according to friends and family, I was told we should have a remembrance party in his memory.

I am the 7th born in the family, but the closest to my dad before his demise(none of the kids have access to his properties except me).

Now the families are tasking me big, I mean a whole 500k from me alone for the remembrance party(despite the fact they know my financial state, which I was scammed a huge sum of money months ago and I also just ventured into some business, and the registration for my 2yrs old son school by January).

So my question is, why are they planning so much for the remembrance?

Why did they bill me that much? Or are they possibly passing a message to me because of my dad’s properties?

But fact is me i don’t have such amount of money on me talkless of contributing that amount?

Please your sincere advice is needed.

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