A MUST READ! My Experience With A Lady That Came To Seduce Me Last Night

I have been avoiding this lady for more than 4 months now. Just a friend with benefits thingy. She kept asking to know why I was avoiding her which I told her it was work. Truth be told I am tired. Tired of that 3 to 5 minutes humping with no permanent satisfying satisfaction.

She called me yesterday morning that she was attending an event close to my house and suggested she’d love to be at my place at 8 pm and leave for the event at 11 pm and return to my place at 3 am to spend the night and leave this morning.

I accepted with a clean mind.

This aunty came around 8 pm but with just Jean and shirt. I asked if she’s not going to the event again, she said she will dress up at my place. I ushered her in and told her to help her self.

Before I could gather information as to what was happening, aunty has off her clothes and started dressing in my presence. Everything was looking right at me. I smiled and excused myself to the sitting room.

After some minutes, aunty called me and told me to help her fix her bra strap. She was backing me with EVERYTHING while I fixed the bra strap.

After fixing the bra strap, she told me to position her boobs inside the bra very well because she couldn’t use her new fingernails.

I hurriedly fix her up and left for the sitting room, again she called me to come help her tie some ropes around her shoulder and waist, I asked her why she didn’t get dressed at her place with the help of her girlfriends/neighbour.

I was angry because I knew something was at play.

The old me would have ripped this bra strap/ropes and do what is necessary.

I have had several experiences that made me realized men have been playing to the tune of some MINDFUL women because we men cannot keep that animal in between our legs.

A lady that wants to have sex to satisfy herself CAN make you the man to ask for the sex and she can as well make you to force yourself on her.

It’s all mind games to make you the man indebted to her after the sex because she didn’t directly tell you she wanted sex.

Cunning creatures. If you don’t know how the games are played, you’ll always fall for it and get controlled after.

I don dey wise. I’m in control of the animal now.

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