Naijaloaded Male Bloggers Confesses About Eating Ass (See Their Reactions)

It’s Oral Sex talk today at Naijaloaded HQ.

Talking about oral sex which is about using your mouth for sexual things, there are different level to it.

Nowadays, ladies and guys have moved from pu$$y licking to ass eating.

At Naijaloaded HQ today, some bloggers made known their thoughts on ass eating during sex

See Their Responses Below:-

Makinde Azeez (Founder)

I cannot eat any useless lady Pu$$y or ass. I no know how many dick don enter inside and you want me to eat the rubbish.

Not interested in such bullshit. Instead of using mouth, I’d rather use hand to tickle her in that area.

Adekunle Jelili (HOO)

Ayaaaanma!! Eating ass or licking is like licking the surface of WC or pit latrine.

So, because of sexual pleasure I should now be licking nyansh area. What if it was just tissue paper she used the last time she pooed.

There is no way I am ever going to lick a girl’s ass, if she want to eat my own, goodluck oo but after eating it, don’t come and kiss me abeg.

Tijani Taofeek

Sincerely to me licking of ass is so disgusting, I can’t do it at all during sex and I can’t allow someone to do it for me.

Licking of ass usually have this kinda feeling that you licking where all the trash in someone body comes out from.

Unlike licking the pu*y/sucking d d*k that has d best feeling ever.

Makinde Abdullah (Mcadioh)

Lick ass ke? I rebuke every act of Jezzebel Oo!

If na Lick toto – I hear that one, why I go lick where sh*t dey pass comot, abeg if we want to claim romantic self, make e dey get boundary na.

But then if person daughter wan lick yansh sha – I dey available Oo, Make I see as e dey be 🤣🤣

Richard Idasenibo

Haven’t engage in such before, however, there’s nothing wrong with it. It is one of numerous sexual fetishes on Earth.

If you must give oral sex, whether to a man or a woman, or whether or not you are going to be rimming them(licking of ass), good hygiene is very important.

No one wants to go down on someone who doesn’t smell nice or is unclean.

Also you could potentially get sick from fecal matter. That is a possibility.

However, if you shower and clean the anus with medicated soap and water, it will be safe as any other part of the body to lick.

Ass licking can potentially cause vaginal infections if you are rimming her anus and then perform cunnilingus on her, therefore transferring bacteria from the anus into the vagina.

Not disgusting. It all depends on the individuals involved. Same thing as sucking the pussy and dick.

Afeez Lawal (Dazeefa Creative)

There’s nothing bad in licking it especially when your girlfriend’s ass is clean and not stinking.

I can’t do it with random babes no matter how clean she might be, I can’t trust that hole.

Saeedat Imam [Female]

No I haven’t done or received it before.

I can’t allow it and it comes off as disgusting to me knowing that the anus is naturally full of bacteria

Sodiq Yusuf

There is nothing wrong in eating ass if you and your partner are down for it.

If it is mutual, you will enjoy it die. The few times I have tried I always make sure my mouth wash, toothpaste and toothbrush are close by.

Once I do it, I just clean up, no time. The only problem is not cleaning up after doing it but trust me the feeling dey make sense.

Guys, we love to hear from you all 👇

Have You Ever Licked A Girl’s Ass Before?

What’s Your Honest Opinion About Eating Up Ass During Sex?

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