My NYSC Camp Experience In Akwa Ibom State

Good day guys,

Today I’ll be starting a new series on my NYSC experience.

It actually took me a couple of weeks to get writing this content, but I’m really glad I was able to start anyways.

First, let me start with my first day of getting to camp.

It was a hellish day, you can’t even believe what happened to me.

It’s funny to me right now because I’m out of camp but on that fateful day it wasn’t funny.

When I got to camp, I was directed to a canopy where a female police officer searched me.

After the search, I was directed to another stand where I was meant to take my COVID-19 screening test but before that let me gist you guys about someone I met while going to camp.

On getting to where I was going to pick a cab that will take me to camp, I met a young fellow inside keke, a female and her name yemisi, a Yoruba girl who literally says everything that is in her head the way it is.

She was just ranting about how costly it was for her to get to camp and how people were extorting money from because she’s a corp member who doesn’t know anywhere around akwa-ibom.

She was plain angry and was explaining to me that these people are actually not nice if not why would they be extorting money from her , a total stranger?

Omo, that babe just they paraa anyhow that day till we got to camp �

So back to where I stopped earlier, I told you I got to a stand where I was meant to take my COVID-19 screening test.

Right in front of the stand were other corp members, I guess they were acting as officials for COVID-19 screening.

I kept my bags near a tree and then moved closer to one of the corp members seated as officials for COVID-19 screening, to request that they screen me, so I can continue with my registration but then these guys were bluntly snobbish……they way they looked at me and the nonchalance in them was so glaring.

One of them, quietly pointed me to a chair after giving me a condescending look and asked that I wait till they call me!

Gosh, I was angry, but then I guess it wasn’t a good time for me to start having issues with anyone.

Let me kuku rest first before I start displaying my own madness cos everyone has theirs just that some persons decided not to show theirs till they are triggered

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