NL ALBUM REVIEW!! Who Else Wondered If That Was Tekno On Old Romance Album?

A child born 7 years ago into a world where he is acquainted with Nigerian music will know who Tekno is and know enough that he is a sensational singer with a catalog of numberless hit singles but no album.

What such a child would have to learn now is that he just released his debut album project – which means, for the first time in 7 active years of being a Nigerian singer, Tekno just decided to put together 14 whole songs we have never heard from him before in one place.

While this is welcomed as surprising news, we’d like for you to cast your mind back to the previous hit singles Tekno Miles has given us in the past 7 years.


‘Dance,’ ‘Anything,’ ‘Holiday’ featuring Davido, ‘Duro,’ ‘Wash,’ ‘Diana,’ ‘Rara,’ ‘Pana,’ ‘Yawa,’ ‘Samantha,’ ‘Mama‘ featuring Wizkid, ‘Jogodo,’ ‘Agege‘ featuring Zlatan, ‘Skeletun,’ ‘Suru,’ ‘Choko,’ ‘Uptempo,’ ‘Sudden,’ ‘PuTTin‘ and so on.

This is the point where that it will dawn on us that it is indeed an extraordinary act for a singer to have so many records to his name without an actual album and he has successfully kept us engaged with each banging single he dropped.

It will be best said that Tekno in the past 7 years introduced us to his sound, explored the music industry and experimented with other artists, amassed his fan base, fitted his feet strongly, and finally gave us the real piece of him in Old Romance album.

Let’s talk about it:

 Review of Sound, Lyrics, Tune, Vibe, and Musical Identity

Tekno Old Romance

Old Romance by Tekno is a 14-tracker pure romantic album with no external feature. He embraced a higher sense of traditional sound depicted in typical highlife tunes.

His choice of theme for this album was intended to reignite the feeling of long-lost cinematic love in the hearts of this generation. Tekno couldn’t have done it anyway better than through his music.

If you’ve not listened to the album yet, see below👇

DOWNLOAD NOW » “Tekno – Old Romance” Full Album

Track 1 – Sku Sku

Tekno met the expectation of newness from every album opener, from here you can be quick to judge that he reserved his best for this album and expect more.

One way or the other, you may find yourself trying to listen to him differently from how you used to because you are listening to a whole album from Tekno, not singles! This has to be emphasized.

Along the line, you may want to rush to figure out his music identity and start wondering if that was truly him on the chorus because that is where the real Tekno we are used to, pops up from.

You may also want to listen again for clarity.

 Track 2 – Tumbo

This comes off as one of the funny titles he’s known to give his songs and yet another love song to brace you up for all the unrealistic ways you may find yourself feeling for listening to 14 unspaced romantic songs. You don enter am today!

An effort to sound variable would be found on this track and that wasn’t actually a bad try. Fair enough!

He had something to prove with his usual tempo but somewhat subtle. Hopefully, we get used to this version of Tekno too.

Track 3 – Uptown Girl

The Masterkraft produced track is only the third of 14 romantic songs, don’t get tired yet. You have a long way to go.

2 minutes into the song, Tekno’s alter ego, or let’s say his playful personality came out for 14 seconds and it was the most interesting thing on the track.

Track 4 – Catalia

Slim Daddy came down to his constant relatable level on this track. This sound confirms that it’s been Tekno singing all along on the previous tracks.

In spite of not having any of his previous tracks on the album, it still sounded like something we’ve always heard.

Track 5 – Addicted

With all the initial gra gra gone, now we have our all-time Tekno. Obviously, he had to sound more melodious on this. All the confusion about trying to identify who’s been singing all along is gone.

Addicted is a semblance of the same old Tekno we haven’t gotten tired of.

Maybe that is one amazing thing about unanimous sounds, they sound the same all through even with repeated lyrics but they are always sweet and irresistible.

His signature tempo was retained and he may also need to show us how to dance to this.

Track 6 – Designer

A warning that should have been applied earlier is to increase the volume of your sound system to listen to this album. So, you may need to do that for this track if you haven’t.

It is one of the alloys of Tekno’s sounds that remind you softly that he is a great singer after all.

He worked with a smooth undisrupted rhythm on this track.

Sampling the most popular line of the Chris Brown/Lil Wayne track titled Loyal at the same time as one of 2Baba’s lines (…said if love was a crime…) was a fantastic effort and he successfully nailed it with a statement chorus of his.

Somebody flexed his voice on this one!

Listen Below:-


Track 7Family Issues

A rich Afrobeats sound with other borrowed languages will be enjoyed on this. This track is going to be acknowledged as a shift in pace into what will be called classic highlife.

A strong iota of the Old Romance theme was felt, kudos to Spax the producer!

Track 8 – In Love

This track did the entire assignment of the theme chosen for this body of work – a classic highlife that would also flow so well even in the yesteryears. Where did he get that from??

This is the finest production on the album that can stand as a proud genre of African music.

Tekno was distinct on this and whether knowingly or unknowingly, this track was made for larger demography than he is aware of.

Track 9 – Neighbour

It’s another romantic song in the music sequence that requires us to pay attention to the contents of the ones we’ve heard before. This is rather a suggestive song as one track just has to be different.

This also represents a classic sound on the album and we may soon be losing count of the classics.

Track 10 – Armageddon

A track with well-invested instrumentals and a fantastic idea of frolicking around other languages.

This also has something to say about how conscious he is of his audience; he is really appealing to a larger sphere than he has and the possibility is feasible.

Track 11 – Dana

Since we are accustomed to Tekno’s sameness of sound, this title sounds like one we’ve heard before but he did well to give it a different content that he wants to politely “pull her pant.” So much for a romantic album…. (funny)😅

Track 12 – Enjoy

The first single off the album didn’t give any clue of what to expect on Old Romance. He indeed enjoyed himself on the track as the whole essence is and he definitely urges you to do the same. Mmmm


Track 13 – Ugly Paradise

The lavished beats on this track turn out too rich for the incoherent lyrics it has but that is just another trait of Tekno that fascinates us.

Track 14 – Mistakes

He has said it all in this track to wrap up whatever anybody has to say.

“I make mistake, my mistake – I don’t know give me a break”

“You make rules, I hate rules”

“I just wanna be happy, I owe nobody nothing”

In other news, nobody made it a rule that having a unanimous sound is forbidden, and if anybody did – Tekno is here to break it. A fantastic album after all. Cheers!

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