PLEASE HELP! Is It Normal What My Parents Are Doing?

My parents never supported any of my siblings growing up, they always told us to go and hustle by ourselves as young as 16 years old.

No EDUCATION no training whatsoever, and yeah my father was not very rich, but he made about 200k weekly.

We all ran out of the house at a tender age because we were trying to look for how to survive since nobody ever supported us.

Now many years later, my sister’s couldn’t make it on their own because life is very hard when u have no father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, auntie or anyone that cares about you.

They did their best but couldn’t stand on their feet.

Now three of my sisters are homeless, so they went back home and guess what, every week my father calls them to a meeting and asks them to contribute money to buy foodstuffs else he kicks them out.

He knows full well they have no job and no home, and he is even richer now and drives three cars.

Please what do you think about this?

My mother is always in support of my father decisions, and she even masterminds it most times. Is this normal, please?

My sisters are in their 40s

What Should I Do?

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