Bishop Kukah: How To Fight Evil! By Ozodinukwe Okenwa

SOC Okenwa
SOC Okenwa

The Yuletide was upon us yet again last week. A great season whose reason had over the years been bastardized by uncontrollable mundane elements and forces. The year 2020 would remain in the annals of human history as one bloody grievous year marked especially by the Coronavirus pandemic and other natural and man-made tragedies. As the new year 2021 announces itself in the horizon, pregnant as it were with uncertainties and certainties, humanity are bracing up to tango with the unforeseen — predictable and unpredictable.

SOC Okenwa

But before the brand new year dawns on us in a few days time manifesting the good, the bad and the ugly we must reflect a little about the Nigerian condition and how our inadequacies in terms of a simple task of providing leadership to our growing population (and consequent happiness of the majority) had demystified our illusion for greatness. It was akin to overpowering the entrenched dark forces holding sway at the Bermuda Triangle!

Christmas offered yet another opportunity for the clergy and those in political, traditional and religious authorities to pontificate about the past, present and the future. Traditionally, therefore, good tidings are often released to the faithfuls or the led in general bringing hope to bear in a hopeless situation.

From the Pope in the Vatican down to the mundane and spiritual leaders messages of hope and salvation poured forth from the pulpits and palaces to mark the annual great event. Many men of God in Nigeria and elsewhere had something to say or tell their followers during the celebration of the birthday of the Son of Man (Jesus the Christ).

Nigeria as a troubled politico-social space has endured so much battering in the hands of petty dictators and pseudo-democrats since her flag independence three scores of years ago. Almost everything had been thrown her way yet she had managed to persevere, sometimes bloodied and battered.



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