What Do You Know About The Popular Street Cocktail, Skoochies?

If you are caught between not wanting to drink or smoke like your friends, you might end up finding yourself with a red cup of  ‘Skoochies.’

Going by the norm, Skoochies in one word is a cocktail – then the rest is left for you to wonder how a cup(s) of cocktail can take the place of drinking alcohol or smoking?

Can we ask about how much hype you have heard about it, how a cup or more can get you high than you ever imagined, or stories of how people who underrated it ended up?

Just like the way every other cocktail is mixed up to be sipped, Skoochies is made of a mixture of alcohol, cannabis tea (from boiled cannabis), flavoured drinks, and fruits.

On this note, you are warned to believe all the fuss about Skoochies and not be deceived by the sweet taste or the coldness (it is best served that way).

The consumption of this street cocktail among different classes of individuals (not leaving any gender out) has become quite alarming and as a result a new fast-selling product in the beverages category.

For your information, Skoochies sometimes come as a special recipe at parties to get everybody turnt in no time.

Cannabis tea, the major component of Skoochies is believed from various research to have some health benefits which amount to the main reason for indulgence.

Listed below are some of the benefits of cannabis tea before we move on to some adverse effects of Skoochies on the other hand

  • Reduces chronic pains
  • Relieves anxiety and depression
  • Improves lungs health
  • Supports heart health
  • Cannabis tea eases symptoms of nausea
  • Alleviates Bowel Problems
  • Could Prevent the Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease

With all these listed above, it appears that you just found all the reasons in the world to continue enjoying your street cocktail but, have you thought about the adverse side of things?

Do you have the least idea of any other substance that could pose more danger to your health in a red cup of Skoochies?

If you enjoy cheap highness, Skoochies can as well contain Codeine, Rohypnol (reph), Tramadol, and other names in the box.

Now imagine a combination of all these drugs in a cup of iced cannabis tea and do the maths. . . .

Let’s hear from you?👇

What Do You Know About Skoochies, What Was Your Experience Drinking It?



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