October 31, 2020



The Bassa of benevolence, the Bassa of soft hearts, the Bassa of forgiveness, the Bassa of uhuŋ, the Bassa of uteshi o, the Bassa of ahoo, the Bassa of ama Agwatana dee.
Once upon a time!.
My grandparents received and accomodated them not knowing where they came from, but all in the name of brotherhood and love which knows no tribe.

My grandparents sheltered and feld them well even denying their own families of some enjoyments and pleasures just to make the Shayégwùs feel comfortable. They never for once helped my grandparents in the farms but live to benefit almost equal with them.

My grandparents gave them rooms to sleep and live even with their own families. Gradually the strangers (Shayégwùs, now our enemies) have been coming part of our communities!.

On a long-run my grandparents allow them to carry out activities in their/our lands and waters in other for them too to sustain a good living, gradually they are becoming part of us.
My grandparents will labour with their own children in the farms without the help of the strangers but yet will offer some farm harvest to them whereby they will sell the offers to sponsor their children in schools.

My grandparents were unable to foresee but it never bothered them, all for love. On becoming use to my grandparents and understand the kind of simple and soft people they are then the strangers started claiming ownership of some of their God given ancentral inheritance.

They claim all the waters and some lands which my grandparents have allowed them to carry out activities in order to earn a good living. It came to a point (Which I also met) whereby my grandparents have to beg them of what belongs to them (my grandparents) to use especially the waters and yet it never moved my grandparents in as much they still have lands for cultivation.

Do you think that’s enough for them?, NO!, they have greater evils plans than the ones they already achieved. Any little misunderstanding between them and my grandparents a life will be taken but yet my grandparents will forgive and embrace them back.

This continued as a reoccurrence till many of my grandparents have to leave their ancestral homes to another mans land (mostly the west) for safety because they are tired of often crises and violence.

The mayem and vendetta preceded the era of my grandparents to the era of my fathers and mine or ours. This era now got tired of the restlessness in their own lands and we are quick to code, ascertain and foresee their plans to wipe us out and taken over our lands because they are already acting supreme and thereby rendering us slaves just as they did to my grandparents. They thought just as it was they will keep achieving and succeeding their plans not knowing that the Bassa of twenty-first century have been given birth.

And God himself said “O yea Bassas, you have been so slow to anger just as me but the time has come for me to fight for you people and take vegeance because I have seeing men and women to use to fight for your right and freedom”. The Bassas are slow to anger but can strike like thunderstorm when provoked to the apex.

On the 22nd and 24th April 2018 they launched attacks again which has lead to the existing chaoes and massacre in both Kogi and Nas.

On the 3rd of January 2020 another deadly attack was launched on the good people of Taware in Korto Karfe Local Government Kogi State leading to the dead of many. A massacre which fell as a shock even to the Nation and world at large.

Though there was lost from our side from beginning but not withstanding God started the victory for us.

Whenever they attack a victory end is sure for Bassa. Whenever they attack a less and few number of them will manage to spare their lives by opportunities. Whenever they attack we’re bold and courageous to defend, confront and scatter them. The truth is that when God is fighting for you no govt or money will triumph over you.

Daily we’re getting stronger.
Daily we’re getting bold and courageous.
Daily they’re getting extincted because God is tired of those wicked and unrepented souls.
Bassa your songs of laughter and victory is near to sing because its a new dawn for Gods own people.
If you have been praying; keep praying, if you have not be praying; start praying. Cry to your God, consult your oracles, talk to Ozomoyikwo.
Bassa shall triumph!.

Story to be completed after the HOME RETURN.


Denwi A Joshua
( Pleasy )


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